Starting of the project

In June 2015, the 'New Road' Association starts the implementation of the project 'Encouragement for civic participation of the young Roma', contract № 306/26.05.2015 at the Program for NGO support in Bulgaria at the Financial mechanism of European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 in partnership with the Bulgarian school of politics 'Dimitar Panitsa', Sofia. The project's duration is 10 months. The general goal of the project is the youths to bring the acquired skills and knowledge to the other members of the community and to cooperate for the positive changes in it. The specific objectives of the project are: Creation of conditions for the vulnerable groups, including Roma, to put publicly their own problems and to undertake the necessary actions for their solution Provision of vulnerable groups’ representatives participation, including Roma people, in the processes of decisions making and formulating politics; Support and/or distribution of mechanisms for self-support and solidarity; Increasing the interaction between vulnerable groups and marginalized communities with the civil ones. The project is related to: identifying the reasons for the low level of civic participation of the Roma community;  - determination of the necessary knowledge and skills which are going to help for their overcoming and will encourage the civic participation; training of Roma youths who are leaders of public opinion within their community. The purpose is that the youths will acquire skills and knowledge and disseminate them among the other members of the community and to cooperate for the positive changes in it. The trained Roma people will develop a non-financial project related to an important problem for the community. They will have mentors - approved politic and civic leaders. The young Roma people will represent their projects publicly on meetings with the local communities in order to provoke a discussion with a maximum number of Roma from different ages. The trained youths from the different regions of the country will create a web, and its main goal is to exchange experience and expertise in solving Roma problems and encouraging the civic participation. The project will create conditions for the young Roma people to put publicly their problems and to search for the solutions and it will also help the process of Roma community active inclusion in policy formation as well as the processes of decision making. Mihail Mihaylov, Manager of the project 
©  The project 'Encouragement for civic participation of the young Roma' is financed by The program for support of the NGOs in Bulgaria at the Finance mechanism of the European economic space 2009-2014  -
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